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Michael Volf

"I have always been a fan of MMA so one day I decided to actually give it a go. So I started doing a few private sessions at Carlson Gracie with James Webb for both Thai Boxing and also Brazilian jujitsu. He has taught me the rules about both sports. Every session he makes you feel like you are training for a big fight coming up and keeps pushing you to the best of your ability. Great and fun way to keep fit as every training session is different. Overall would defiantly recommend James for Training. Been going for a few months and can really tell my fitness is the best it’s been in years."





"My brother and I started training with James after taking up BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) in Colchester, James has been key in getting us both to a good standard and we have both recently received our third stripe on our white belts, this wouldn’t have been possible without the drive and consistency James has given us in training. Moreover its just a lot of fun and an awesome way to keep in shape!"






"I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with James Webb to supplement the standard lessons at the gym. I find a 1:1 session allows James to provide the full detail of the techniques in the session that you only get in a 1:1 session. James is great listener to ensure my objectives are met and I would definitely recommend him"





"I would like to start by saying that when ever trying to lose weight and get in shape in the past I have turned to fad diets which worked short term but they just weren't sustainable and they definitely weren't healthy. I have also had gym memberships and attended lots of different exercise classes but after not seeing the progression in myself that I wanted I would grow bored and give them up. How ever I can honestly say since starting training sessions with James 8months ago I have not been subjected to one boring work out nor have I left the gym in this time with out feeling like I have had a really good workout. As a result of this I have seen fantastic progression in myself as well as learning skills to protect and defend myself. I have lost 3 stone so far thanks to James pushing me in his training sessions and giving me great nutrition and dietary advice helping me adopt a healthier lifestyle, which I know will help me maintain my achievements.


James will motivate, support and guide you to get you the results you want! I would recommend this to anyone! My life has improved and my confidence is growing! Thank you James!!"





"I would highly recommend James Webb to anyone looking to learn Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing or just to get in shape. I have been training with him nearly a year now and not only have I gained confidence in my fighting, I have also lost a ton of weight. Plus you couldn't ask for a nicer guy to train with."



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